Biodiversity data cleaning and data publishing training course in ICIPE

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18 - 22 February 2013

Biodiversity information initiatives are making large quantities of data readily available to the scientific community. These data open exciting opportunities for exploring, documenting, and understanding biodiversity worldwide. Data come from diverse sources and are heterogeneous in content, quality, and format. As a result, careful data preparation and quality control is an important step prior to any analysis.

This two-part course covers two critical steps in the process: how to prepare a biodiversity data set for analysis and open sharing, and how to 'publish' data for global open access. Instructors include John Wieczorek, Laura Russell, and other leaders in this field in North America and Europe.

ICIPE campus
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18 - 22 February 2013
English, but every effort will be made to accommodate French-speaking applicants as well, via translation if possible.