Colecciones Biológicas 3.0

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8 - 12 October 2012

The concept of this training course is to take advanced collection managers and curators from Latin America to the next frontier on collection management, the so-called 3.0 ( After the paradigm of collections as card files and collections as isolated databases attached to physical specimens, now it is time to tackle aspects that will enable collections to be an integral part of a global information system on biodiversity for science and conservation. Current technologies and approaches will be dealt during the course: Interoperability; images; semantic web and identifiers; annotations and connections to environmental and molecular databases, and the role of GBIF in all these.

Emphasis will be made on how collections’ data can be put at use, and how to do that in the best technical and sociological conditions; and to promote the train-the-trainer approach, so all these advance concept and techniques can be adequately disseminated all over the region.

This course is one of the activities of the I3B Network (

Colecciones Biológicas 3.0
Claustro de San Agustín, Instituto Alexander von Humboldt
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8 - 12 October 2012