International Symposium of Mapping Asia Plants

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25 - 26 September 2018

Asia is one of the most plant diversity rich areas. Currently, no plant checklist is available in Asia. The number and distribution of plant species in Asia remain to be answered. Plant diversity information is the fundamental for biodiversity assessment and conservation. To promote the communication and cooperation of plant diversity research, improve our understanding of plants in Asia, Biodiversity Committee, Chinese Academy of Sciences plans to organize the International Symposium of Asian Plants Biodiversity in Beijing on September 25-26, 2018.

The symposium will focus on the status, progress and further priorities of plant diversity research. More information will be available in the second announcement. Abroad and domestic experts will be invited to share their progress and exchange their ideas on development and share knowledge of plants in Asia. We sincerely welcome researchers and scholars in the related field to participate in this symposium.

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25 - 26 September 2018