Africa Biodiversity Data Use workshop 2021

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24 November 2021
10:00 - 13:00 CET
Data Use Cover
Di Marco M, Ferrier S, Harwood TD, Hoskins AJ and Watson JEM (2019) Wilderness areas halve the extinction risk of terrestrial biodiversity. Nature. Springer Science and Business Media LLC 573(7775): 582–585. Available at<

This course takes a modular approach to training in the use of GBIF-mediated data and builds on the Data Use for Decision Making course developed as part of the Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) programme. In this first module - Data Processing - we learn how to access GBIF mediated data, understand common data quality issues in GBIF downloads and apply data processing routines on GBIF downloads to create fit for purpose datasets.

Virtual meeting (by invitation only)
24 November 2021 10:00 - 13:00