Virtual training course on the Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs)

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7 - 10 March 2021

This online training course, held over three days (8, 10 and 11 March 2021), was orgnaized as part of the Capacity Enhancement Support Programme project "Enhancing capacity to mobilize and use biodiversity data to support sustainable development in West Africa" (CESP2020-005). Hosted jointly by Ghana Biodiversity Information Facility and the Biodiversity Institute at the University of Kansas, USA, it was attended by 55 participants.

Course Overview
The Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) represent a minimum set of measurements needed to summarize major dimensions of biodiversity and biodiversity change. EBVs offer a framework for assembling diverse information about biodiversity, with great benefits accruing from linking them to other information realms including policy and natural resource management. The concept of EBVs is relatively new and requires national and regional consensus and capacity building. In this course, we aim to build human capacity about the EBVs for West Africa in support of biodiversity data mobilization.

Course Objectives
Day 1: Introduce participants to the concept of EBVs.
Day 2: Introduce participants to measuring of the EBVs.
Day 3: Discuss the complexities and failings of the EBVs.

Country or area
7 - 10 March 2021