GB27: 27th Meeting of the GBIF Governing Board

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20 - 22 October 2020

The 27th GBIF Governing Board meeting (GB27) took place as a virtual meeting on 20-22 October 2020, with sessions running from 11:00-12:30 and 13:30-15:00 (Copenhagen time - CEST/UTC +2) on each of the three days.

The meeting was attendedby GBIF Heads of Delegation, additional delegates, GBIF committee members and GBIF Secretariat staff. The meeting had representation from 30 Voting Participants, 9 Associate Country Participants and 20 Other Associate Participants.

The final approved meeting documents are available here. Note that these password-protected meeting documents are available only to accredited delegates. Any delegates who have problems accessing the documents may contact the Secretariat for help.

Presentations from GBIF Secretariat

Informatics and Data Products: Development and Plans
Tim Robertson and Andrea Hahn, GBIF Secretariat | presentation

Hosted portals demo
Tim Robertson, GBIF Secretariat | presentation

Capacity and engagement during lockdown year
Maheva B. Laursen, Laura Russell & Mélianie Raymond, GBIF Secretariat | presentation

Private sector engagement
Andrew Rodrigues, GBIF Secretariat | presentation

DNA-derived data in GBIF: guidance and training
Dmitry Schigel, GBIF Secretariat | presentation

Systematic review
Mason Heberling, Carnegie Museum of Natural History | presentation

Citations and use analysis
Daniel Noesgaard, GBIF Secretariat | presentation

Positioning GBIF for post-2020 CBD framework
Tim Hirsch, GBIF Secretariat | presentation

Virtual meeting (by invitation only)
20 - 22 October 2020