Digital Extended Specimen: First-phase community consultation

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16 February 2021
07:00 - 18:00 CET
Cortinarius lux-nymphae
Cortinarius lux-nymphae 2020 Torbjørn Borge via via Danish Mycological Society, fungal records database.

The consultation aims to expand participation in the process, build support for further collaboration, identify key use cases, and develop an initial roadmap for community adoption and implementation.

The agenda can be found here

Topics of the consultation will include:

  1. Making FAIR data for specimens accessible
  2. Extending, enriching and integrating data
  3. Annotating specimens and related data
  4. Attributing work done (Data Attribution)
  5. Analyzing/mining specimen data for novel applications
Session #1 recording

Session #2 recording

Discussions and questions are now open here.
Until the 5th of March.

The alliance for biodiversity knowledge invites other parties to participate in this process, to review the draft consultation outline and to sign the Letter of Intent. More details about the virtual consultation will become available after the holiday. If you have ideas, want to ask questions, or would like to co-moderate a topic, please contact us at

More background information can be found here

16 February 2021 07:00 - 18:00