Training Workshop on Digitization Best Practices

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29 May - 2 Jun 2017
08:30 - 16:30 CEST
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This workshop was organised to integrate the digitization of biodiversity data into curation and research activities of participants from the Botswana National Museum (BNM) project team as part of the African Insect Atlas project. The workshop particpants included 20 museum staff members from various departments of the BNM.

The principal objectives to the workshop were to enhance capacity of parcipants data digitization, data cleaning, georeferencing and data publishing techniques, and to promote best tools for data cleaning and georeferencing following professional guidance.

Topics covered:

  • Importance of digitizing and publishing data
  • Digitization and workflows to help manange digitization projects
  • Data quality and standards
  • Data cleaning
  • Taxonomy check in the catalogue of life, GBIF Parsing
  • Georeferencing in Geolocate (with practical)
  • Data cleaning in OpenRefine (with practical)
  • Geography checks in QGIS
  • Data sharing checklists, occurance records, sampling records
  • Data hosting platforms: GBIF, websites and sharelinks
  • Data papers in peer review journals
  • GBIF IPT and data hosting options

Through the workshop and cross-institutional network forming, digitization efforts and implementation of best practices will continue after the project phase ends.

Woodlane Hotel
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29 May 2017 08:30 - 2 June 2017 16:30