Workshop 3: eDNA data and their importance in biomonitoring of Mekong river microbial diversity

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16 - 17 June 2022

This workshop, the third eDNA data analysis and mobilization workshop to be organized as part of the BIFA6_030 project "Using microbial metabarcoding to monitor biodiversity and bioindicators in the Mekong River, was attended by 58 participants, including university students and lecturers.

The lecture sessions were divided into four chapters:

  1. an introduction to eDNA-based biomonitoring of aquatic microbial community;
  2. introduction to eDNA data analysis;
  3. eDNA for Mekong river bioindicator; and
  4. eDNA-based diversity data mobilization.

After the lecture sessions, workshop participants partook in a discussion and idea sharing session.

Mahidol University
Amnat Chareon Province
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16 - 17 June 2022