Join GBIF Secretariat communications manager Kyle Copas at the following meeting “Transmitting the value of GBIF at national scale” at the NBN Conference at the National Museums Scotland in Edinburgh.

The theme of the conference will follow the NBN Trust Strategy 2022-2027 “Making data work for nature” with each of the sessions following our four Strategic Ambitions:

Ambition 1: The NBN Atlas is the ‘go to’ place for sharing, finding and accessing UK biodiversity data

Ambition 2: Biodiversity data is providing the evidence needed for nature’s recovery

Ambition 3: Citizen science is valued, supported and expanded as a major source of biodiversity data

Ambition 4: The National Biodiversity Network is a well-connected and highly collaborative community with a united voice on key issues

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the National Museums Scotland
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United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
23 November 2023