Ebbe Nielsen Challenge

This annual incentive prize seeks to inspire innovative applications of open-access biodiversity data by scientists, informaticians, data modelers, cartographers and other experts


Ebbe Nielsen Prize (2002-2014)

Prior to its relaunch in 2014 as an incentive challenge, the Ebbe Nielsen Prize recognized the career contributions of an individual who demonstrated excellence combining biodiversity informatics and biosystematics research.

Year Recipient Country Stories
2014 Tony Rees Australia news
video presentation
2013 Miguel Bastos Araújo Portugal news
video presentation
2012 Nathan Swenson United States news
2011 Jens-Christian Svenning Denmark news
2010 Sujeevan Ratnasingham Canada news
2009 Andy Jarvis Colombia
2008 Vince Stuart Smith United Kingdom
2007 Paul Flemons Australia
2006 John Wieczorek United States
2005 Pablo Goloboff Argentina
2004 Johan Nilsson Sweden
2003 Stefan Schröder Germany news
2002 Nozomi Ytow Japan