Draft Priorities for GBIF Strategic Plan 2017-2021


The present document sketches out the structure and outline of what we envision will be a concise statement of actionable priorities for the time period 2017-2021. 

Central to these priorities is the recognition that GBIF exists to ensure that biodiversity information is available and well organized to meet the needs of researchers and of policymakers (Deliver Relevant Data). The most critical weaknesses in currently available data relate to the need to detect and respond to errors and inadequate detail (Improve Data Quality) and to the need to mobilize data from additional sources and regions to improve coverage (Fill Data Gaps). Achieving these aims will require GBIF and its partners to deliver a global biodiversity data infrastructure which will allow persistent management and improvement of all available knowledge (Organize Biodiversity Knowledge) and for GBIF to operate effectively in all regions to engage stakeholders everywhere and to enable them to develop their capacity to mobilize and use biodiversity information (Empower Global Network).