Establishing an Effective GBIF Participant Node


This guide includes basic information about two key concepts for GBIF: our Participant nodes and the biodiversity information facilities. The text includes definitions, elements which need to be taken into consideration while building these structures, potential services, requirements and much more.

This document is also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish.


This guide draws on the experience of the GBIF network to offer guidance on establishing an effective Participant node. It targets two main audiences within the ‘GBIF family’: the delegates representing each Participant on the GBIF Governing Board, and the node managers appointed to coordinate biodiversity information facilities within each country or organization. It introduces key concepts and generalized views of Participant node activities, including recommendations on a participatory approach to follow in designating a node, and designing its governance structures.


GBIF Secretariat


Raymond M, Bánki O, Copas K, González-Talaván A, Hirsch T & Hobern D.


GBIF Secretariat


CC BY 2015, Global Biodiversity Information Facility. This document is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported License.

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GBIF Secretariat 2015. Establishing an Effective GBIF Participant Node: Concepts and general considerations. Copenhagen. Available online at