Data Refinement Using the BioVeL Portal


This practical guide explains the use of the BioVeL portal for biodiversity data quality assessment and cleaning. It is based on tutorials and practical exercises to guide the readers through the different functions offered by the portal. It also includes directions on how to use those operations over specific data domains.


This document is a practical guide on how to assess the quality of biodiversity datasets, like those accessible through the GBIF Network using the online workflows portal produced for the European project BioVeL. The manual takes a practical tutorial-based approach that the reader can repeat using the sample datasets provided. A complement of practical exercises based on real-case scenarios should help users attain the skills demonstrated in the tutorials. The manual also provides a generic introduction about data quality and the use of workflows for those who wish to familiarize themselves with the basic theory behind these practices.


González-Talaván, A., Mathew, C., Obst, M. & Paymal, E.


Copas, K. & Hardisty, A.


GBIF Secretariat


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González-Talaván, A., Mathew, C., Obst, M. & Paymal, E. (2014). Data Refinement Using the BioVeL Portal. 67 pp. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Available online at