GBIF Science Review 2012


An annual review of research articles which make use of GBIF-mediated data.


All of the research articles included in the review assert some use of GBIF-mediated data. They were extracted from a continuing programme by the GBIF Secretariat to monitor scientific literature and tag papers according to use, discussion and mention of GBIF, through the Mendeley academic archiving platform.


GBIF Secretariat


GBIF Secretariat


Permission to copy and/or distribute all or part of the information contained in this resource is granted, provided that such copies carry due attribution to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and the original author(s) of the resources.

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GBIF Secretariat


GBIF (2013). GBIF Science Review. 33 pages. Copenhagen. Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Available online at