Best practice guide for compiling, maintaining, disseminating national species checklists


This practical guide can help those who need to start the compilation of a checklist for a given geographic area and taxonomic group, and would like to know more about how to make best use of the available resources, including those in the internet such as GBIF.


The main purpose of this best practice document is to provide guidance for policy and procedures relating to accessing and capturing information for national checklists, and to highlight some key issues which should be considered to promote standardisation, quality and use of these products.


Hamer, M., Victor, J. & Smith, G.F.


GBIF Secretariat


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Hamer, M., Victor, J., Smith, G.F. (2012). Best Practice Guide for Compiling, Maintaining and Disseminating National Species Checklists, version 1.0, released in October 2012. Copenhagen: Global Biodiversity Information Facility, 40 pp, ISBN: 87-92020-48-8, Accessible at