Best practice guidelines in the development and maintenance of regional marine species checklists


The main purpose of this document is cover the more general aspects regarding checklists for marine regions. It outlines the steps required to compile distribution notes, to set up a register and produce a marine taxonomic checklist, but also describes some of stumbling blocks that one might encounter along the way and offers suggestions on how to handle these issues.


Marine species checklists share many of the same features and challenges as when compiling checklists of terrestrial and freshwater species. At the same time, there are aspects of the marine environment and data collection that may be important factors when developing a checklist. As a result, defining the scope and obtaining information are often different from land-based biodiversity projects. Because of their different origins and histories, working with marine species registers may emphasize taxonomic standards and spatial definitions with biodiversity-related programs such as WoRMS and OBIS and maritime agencies for mapping. These programs may provide additional or marine-oriented and updated information, complementing the global biological data community and assisting with the maintenance of checklists.


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