Molecular evolution is slightly faster in the tropics

Comprehensive study finds weak trend of faster molecular evolution in animal lineages inhabiting lower latitudes

GBIF-mediated data resources used : 714,807 species occurrences
Colobus guereza subsp. kikuyuensis
Mt. Kenya Guereza (Colobus guereza subsp. kikuyuensis) observed in Aberdare National Park, Kenya by mikeloomis. Photo via iNaturalist (CC BY-NC 4.0).

Biodiversity increases as one moves closer to the equator—a phenomenon known as the latitudinal diversity gradient. Researchers have proposed the evolutionary speed hypothesis (ESH) as a possible underlying mechanism—explained by shorter generation times, higher mutation rates and/or faster rate of selection in the tropics. But is molecular evolution actually faster in the tropics?

In a new comprehensive study, researchers from Ontario, Canada analysed and aligned DNA barcode sequences of the mitochondrially-encoded Cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) gene for 8,000 members of six of the largest animal phyla. They then paired closely related lineages exhibiting a difference of at least 20 degrees in median latitude as validated by GBIF-mediated occurrences and compared rates of evolution.

While the researchers only found a weak trend of higher rates in lower-latitude (51.6 per cent) vs higher-latitude (48.4 per cent) lineages, the difference was statistically significant. Some phyla, e.g. Chordata and Echinodermata, displayed stronger associations, significant even when correcting for multiple testing.

So—is molecular evolution fast in the tropics? Yes, but not much.

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Orton MG, May JA, Ly W, Lee DJ and Adamowicz SJ (2018) Is molecular evolution faster in the tropics? Heredity. Springer Nature 122(5): 513–524. Available at:

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