Exploring camera-trap data

Webinar 3: Exploring camera-trap data


We explored the current efforts that could improve the representation and coverage of data from camera traps in GBIF.

The programme included an introduction to and discussions about Camtrap DP, a new community-developed exchange format, and a preview of a publishing guide for camera-trap data now in preparation. The session concluded with an update on the status and next steps of the broader effort to diversify the data model.

Time (UTC+1) Title Presenter
15:00 Introduction and welcome Laura Russell
GBIF Secretariat
15:15 Introduction to Camtrap DP Peter Desmet
Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO)
15:30 Camtrap DP as a new publishing model within the unified model John Wieczorek
15:45 Camtrap DP presentations Multiple speakers
16:35 Guide to publishing camera-trap data Lien Reyserhove
Research Institute for Nature and Forest (INBO)
16:40 Q&A  
16:55 Conclusion Laura Russell
GBIF Secretariat


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