How to become a Biodiversity Open Data Ambassador

Qualifications and commitment

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Jean Ganglo, presenting in the "Dragon's Den" at the BID Data Use for Decision-Making workshop, Cape Town, South Africa, 13 April 2018. Photo 2018 Maheva Bagard Laursen/GBIF, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Are you a potential Biodiversity Open Data Ambassador? We ask for some minimum qualifications and a basic level of commitment, namely that:

  • You can provide at least one example in which you have shared biodiversity data through GBIF, used GBIF-mediated data, and/or advocated open data in your professional capacity
  • You agree with the ICSU-World Data System Data Sharing Principles: in short, that data should be shared openly in a timely manner, with the fewest restrictions possible and used with proper citation.
  • You consent to have your contact details openly available on, and possibly on websites run by GBIF nodes and partners
  • You consent to be contacted by GBIF Secretariat and GBIF nodes with requests to promote open biodiversity data at particular events
  • You undertake to provide details of at least one example each year of an event, publication or process in which you have advocated for open biodiversity data

How to become a Biodiversity Open Data Ambassador

If you fit the description above, it's simple—just fill out this form.

We will review your application then contact you to confirm your role as a Biodiversity Open Data Ambassador. We will give you details of how you can access resources to help you with your advocacy, including presentation slides, talking points, posters, brochures and other materials.

Once you are confirmed as an ambassador, we will also put you in touch with your national GBIF node, if you are in a participating country (if, indeed, you aren't already). Working together, you and node staff may be able to help strengthen connections with relevant national research and policy communities. We will also inform you of other GBIF-related activities in your country such as data publishing, projects and research use examples.

We appreciate when ambassadors capture and share their experiences from events attended, which helps us to improve our materials and messaging for future events.

Biodiversity Open Data Ambassadors are also encouraged to network with one another through a group in the GBIF Community Forum to which you will be invited when your role is confirmed.


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