ecoEd: cohesive training and skill development for ecosciences

A collaborative and innovative approach to training aimed at enhancing the translation of Australia’s eResearch infrastructures to the ecoscience community


Biodiversity information infrastructures enable easy access to data and analytical tools, and often provide some kind of support to guide users in how to use the infrastructure. It is, however, essential to also provide relevant scientific training and support to ensure sensible use of data and evaluation of analysis outcomes. ecoEd provides ready-to-use lectures, workshop modules, and practical guides that combine theoretical concepts with real-world applications, covering topics from data quality and ecology to spatial analysis and environmental management. These materials can immediately be integrated into undergraduate curriculum, academic training, and industry development.

ecoEd also delivers training to so-called ecoEd Champions who form a network of enthusiastic professionals. These Champions receive extensive training in applying the theoretical background of ecological models in online tools to explore species data and their relationships with the environment. The program aims to provide the Champions with the resources and knowledge required so that they can confidently re-deliver the teaching program in their own institutions.

The importance of training for biodiversity infrastructures is underpinned by Hamish Holewa, Chief Operating Officer of the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA):

"Training and skill development of students, researchers, government practitioners and industry professionals is key to the long-term success of the investment in biodiversity information infrastructures".

Through its cohesive training program and collaboration among infrastructures, ecoEd supports a holistic approach to environmental spatial data discovery and analysis in Australia. This approach can easily be applied to a suite of infrastructures in other countries, internationally or other domains.

More information and contact details

To learn more about the possibilities to become part of the program and including more training modules covering other ecoscience related topics, please get in touch with Chantal Huijbers.

ecoEd is jointly developed by the Atlas of Living Australia (ALA), the Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory (BCCVL), and the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) and funded through the Ecoscience DEVL/RDC program by the Australian Research Data Commons, and its partner organisations (Atlas of Living Australia, Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics and Sciences, Biodiversity and Climate Change Virtual Laboratory, Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network).