BIFA ecological monitoring data mobilization

These ecological monitoring data mobilization grants target Asian biodiversity monitoring programmes and networks

Yaku macaque (Macaca fuscata yakui)
Yaku macaque (Macaca fuscata subsp. yakui), Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan. Photo by budowski via iNaturalist Research-grade Observations, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.


Projects funded by a BIFA ecological monitoring data mobilization grant target the various institutions, projects and networks in Asia engaged in surveys and inventories of biodiversity using standardized methodologies and protocols. They should address the priority regional challenge for GBIF in Asia of filling taxonomic and geographical gaps in the availability of accessible data on the occurrence of species in the region, including relative abundance and changes over time. The following activities are envisaged under this type of grant:

  • Mobilizing species occurrence and sampling-event data from observation networks and monitoring systems
  • Preparing data papers to improve the reusability of the mobilized biodiversity data

Learn more about the relevant data types and the process of publishing data through the GBIF network.


The GBIF Secretariat welcomes proposals for mobilizing ecological monitoring data from any institution, NGO or network that is a legal entity in any of the countries in the following sub-regions covered by the IPBES regional assessment for Asia and the Pacific: South-East Asia, North-East Asia, South Asia and Western Asia.


A maximum of €15,000 may be requested through a BIFA ecological monitoring data mobilization grant. All proposals must include co-funding from other sources, either directly or in-kind including staff time. No overheads may be charged to BIFA. A maximum of €3,000 may be requested from BIFA for IT services or purchase, covering a maximum of 50% of total cost for these items.

Download concept note template for BIFA ecological monitoring data mobilization grant