BIFA portal support grants

These portal support grants support activities by GBIF Participant nodes and groups of nodes in Asia to develop or upgrade national, regional or thematic portals for biodiversity information

Oedemera lucidicollis
Oedemera lucidicollis. Photo by harum.koh via iNaturalist Research-grade Observations, licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.


Projects funded by BIFA portal support grants target GBIF Participant nodes in Asia that wish to develop or upgrade a web portal meeting biodiversity information needs at national, regional or thematic level. The grants seek to strengthen nodes by improving the skills and tools needed to establish and maintain online platforms using appropriate technologies. Activities envisaged under this type of grant include:

  • Mentoring arrangements to enable staff from nodes experienced in biodiversity portal development to share skills and advice with Asian nodes teams
  • Participation in global or regional workshops aimed at collaboration on portal tools development
  • Development work to establish or upgrade a national, regional or thematic portal including a clear plan to maintain the platform beyond the period of the project
  • Establishment or improvement of data mobilization pipelines that enable datasets from relevant institutions to be efficiently quality-checked, hosted and published both through national/regional/thematic platforms and through


BIFA portal support projects may be proposed by one or more GBIF Participant nodes in Asia. Nodes from the following Participants are eligible to submit project proposals:

These projects may include partners from from Participant countries outside the Asia region, as mentors or trainers.


A maximum of €15,000 may be requested through a BIFA portal support grant. All proposals must include co-funding from other sources, either directly or in-kind including staff time. Overheads may not be charged to BIFA. A maximum of €3,000 may be requested from BIFA for IT services or purchase, covering a maximum of 50% of total cost for these items.

Download concept note template for BIFA portal support grants

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