CESP 2022: Frequently asked questions

FAQs on applying for funding under the CESP programme

Tillandsia seleriana
Tillandsia seleriana Mez observed in Chiantla, Guatemala by Daniel Mérida (CC BY-NC 4.0)

Getting started with the GBIF Grants Portal

How can I get access to the GBIF Grants Portal?
Which browser should I use when accessing the GBIF Grants Portal?
Why must I register my organization?
Can I apply for grants as an individual?
Do I need multiple accounts in the GBIF Grants Portal if I wish to submit grant applications under different GBIF-led programmes?

Preparing your grant request

Are there any restrictions in the amount of text I can add to my proposal?
Do I need to confirm all my partners before submitting a project proposal?
Is there any template I can use for the letter of endorsement and the confirmation of project partner?
Can I share the grant proposal with my partners?
What is the difference between a deliverable and the impact of an activity?
What should I consider when describing a monitoring and evaluation plan in a grant proposal (Full Proposal?
How can I identify Risks and Mitigation strategies (Full Proposal)?
Where do I find the submit button?

Filling in budget

What information should I add under description of the Concept note budget?
How do I fill in the budget in the Full Proposal?

Data mobilization

What is data mobilization?
What is a dataset format?
How can I estimate the approximate number of records that I will publish through GBIF.org?


What is a source of verification?


How do I report on my granted project?
How do I fill in the Expense Details section in the financial reporting template?
How do I access and submit a grant amendment request through the GBIF Grants Portal?


Who can I contact if I have questions or problems with my application?