Data Use Club

Sharing, showcasing and supporting data use across the GBIF network


The Data Use Club is a space that promotes the interaction between data users and provides them with tools for developing skills in data use, no matter where they are in the world. In the club, we provide support in the following form:

  • Training seminars: This quarterly webinar series highlights approaches to global problems using GBIF-mediated data. Each seminar provides opportunities for knowledge exchange and inspiration for GBIF users who wih to develop their own solutions to similar challenges.

  • Practical sessions: This quarterly webinar series focuses on developing the informatic and data management skills necessary to fully exploit the potential of GBIF-mediated data. The material for these sessions expands on the biodiversity data use curriculum developed by GBIF.

  • DataCamp online training: GBIF users can receive free access to the full suite of online training offered by DataCamp through DataCamp Donates.

For questions regarding the Data Use Club, please contact

SiB Colombia: Making the most of DataCamp licences

Resources for using data

Biodiversity data use

Course for researchers or technicians in biodiversity research or policy institutions.