Mainstreaming freshwater invertebrate biodiversity data into government decision-making

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Allocnemis superba
Allocnemis superba observed in Tanzania by Martin Grimm (CC BY-NC 4.0)

The current National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP 2015-2020) for Tanzania emphasizes the need for mainstreaming freshwater biodiversity information into sector policies, plans, and programs, however, the lack of accessible, reliable, and ready to use freshwater invertebrate data hinder its effective implementation and thus realization of NBSAP 2015-2020 targets. Inadequate information on the geographical distribution of FIB further hampers decision-making for conservation.

This project aims at collating existing freshwater insect, mollusc and crustacean (FIMC) species data in northeastern Tanzania from various institutions and sources, including

  • Tanzania Biodiversity Information Facility (TanBIF)
  • IUCN,
  • river basins,
  • universities,
  • natural history collections
  • literature

with the goals of creating an accessible FIMC database to supplement the existing database under TanBIF, developing species distribution maps, establishing monitoring protocols and producing assessment status (IUCN Red List category) that can be adopted by policymakers and be integrated into decision-making processes by different stakeholders in different sectors.

The project outputs will be used as a framework to guide the formulation of effective FIMC conservation-related policy and guidelines that will address NBSAP 2015-2020, Aichi biodiversity targets and fulfilling national obligations. The long-term project objectives are to contribute substantially to the formulation of a platform where stakeholders feed FIMC data to foster conservation and sustainable use of freshwater ecosystems. This will promote the formation of linkages between TanBIF/GBIF and identified FIMC data holding stakeholders for sustainable monitoring of freshwater invertebrates at large.

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Data-use grant
2021年4月1日 - 2022年11月1日
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Grite Nelson Mwaijengo
The Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology

447 Arusha

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