Kingdom in GBIF Backbone Taxonomy

Bacteria appears in:

GSPB Prokarya Catalogue

IBB bacterial database

Botanical Museum, Copenhagen, the Phycology Herbarium

Norwegian Biodiversity Information Centre - Other datasets

Bacteria collection of National Institute of Public Health, Poland

CABI Bioscience Genetic Resource Collection

CABI Bioscience Fungus Collection

IFO Bacteria database

Collections of Phytoplankton at BGBM

CCUG Microorganisms databases(Bacteria)

Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NL) - Paleontology Invertebrates

Actinomycetes Collection in BCRC

University of British Columbia Herbarium (UBC) - Algae Collection

The national database for marine data (MADS)

Natural History Museum (London) Collection Specimens

Occurrences in SinBIOTA

Paleobiology Database

NSW herbarium collection


Vietnam Type Culture Collection

Amphibian and Reptile (NSMK-AR)