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Bacteria appears in:

Botanical Museum, Copenhagen. Database of type specimens

Inventario de macroalgas de Bahía de Banderas: Fase I y Fase II

Cyanobacteria of Algal Collection of Soil Science Institute (ACSSI)

ALCB - Herbário Alexandre Leal Costa

CMC Cincinnati Museum Center Invertebrate Paleontology

Complete list of isolated phyllosphere Methylobacterium strains

Lund Botanical Museum (LD)

UCT: South Africa Seaweeds(1905-2008)

ICN - Herbário do Instituto de Ciências Naturais

Freshwater Macrophyte Survey Data

Wicken Fen nature reserve species data held by The National Trust

Paleobotany Division, Yale Peabody Museum

Canadian Museum of Nature Herbarium

Culture Collection of Algae

DGGE profiles of selected Gammaproteobacteria from leaf samples

DGGE profiles of selected Alphaproteobacteria from leaf samples

Seasearch Marine Surveys in Scotland

Biota occurrence data from plankton surveys around New Zealand

Colección de Tejidos del Instituto Alexander Von Humboldt

Type Localities for organisms and fossils first described from Antarctica