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AnimaliaChordataReptiliaSquamataLacertidaePodarcisPodarcis melisellensis

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Full Name

Podarcis melisellensis (Werner, 1891)

Common names

  • Dalmatian Wall Lizard eng
  • Adriatische Mauereidechse
  • Adriatische Mauereidechse deu
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Taxonomic status

Synonym of Podarcis melisellensis (Braun, 1877)


Not marine

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Huyghe, Katleen; Bieke Vanhooydonck, Anthony Herrel, Zoran Tadic, Raoul Van Damme (2012) Female lizards ignore the sweet scent of success: Male characteristics implicated in female mate preference.: Zoology 115 (4): 217-222

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