Anas platyrhynchos Linnaeus, 1758

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Named Area Identifiers

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Distributions for "Anas platyrhynchos"

Eurasia Present

North America Present

Africa TDWG:2 Present

Europe & Northern Asia (excluding China) Present

Middle America Present

North America Present

Southern Asia Present

Belgian Exclusive Economic Zone MRGID:3293 Present

Gulf of Mexico MRGID:4288 Present

Polish Exclusive Economic Zone MRGID:5687 Present

Portuguese Exclusive Economic Zone MRGID:5688 Present

Spanish Exclusive Economic Zone MRGID:5693 Present

North West Atlantic MRGID:7135 Present

New Zealand Exclusive Economic Zone MRGID:8455 Present

Gulf of Maine MRGID:8940 Present

Wimereux MRGID:979 Present