BibMaster, a database application for biodiversity projects management

A database application for biodiversity projects management: taxa level information, nomenclature, literature and specimen management: reference lists, key-words, nomenclature, iconography, check-lists, specimen-lists and herbarium labels.


BIBMASTER is a database application to manage biodiversity projects. It's designed to make easier the compilation and management of taxa-level, specimen-level, nomenclatural and bibliographic information. It also provides the means to produce specimen and microscopic preparations labels, bibliographic lists, reports and so on.
BIBMASTER stands as a complete management system, whose usefullness is supported by important taxonomic projects in the Iberian Peninsula, like Flora iberica, Flora Mycologica Iberica and other important projects and publications. Although BIBMASTER was originally developed in the framework of botanical projects, nowadays, thanks to its flexible attribute system, can manage any kind of biodiversity projects.


Pando, F. & al. (2004). BIBMASTER (version): A database application for Biodiversity Projects: taxa-level information, nomenclature, literature and specimen management (date when accesed or downloaded).


F. Pando et al.


José Gaztelu, David Rodríguez Vega, Ramón Pérez Pérez, Alberto Herrero Nieto, Alberto González Talaván, Julia Pardal, Guillermo Arenzana, Marisa Leiño, Carmen Lujano, Katia Cezón, María Encinas


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