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Hymenoptera Institute


The Hymenoptera Institute Collection is a collection of largely parasitic Hymenoptera housed in Michael Sharkey’s Lab in the Entomology Department (Agricultural Science Center North) at the University of Kentucky. The museum houses over 350 drawers of Hymenoptera focusing on Braconidae, with the primary focus on the braconid subfamily Agathidinae. The braconid collection is of world-scope, having received samples from all continents except Antarctica and is primarily used to describe new species and conduct molecular phylogenetics studies. Major recent projects include the Thailand Biodiversity Project (TIGER), the Columbia Biodiversity Project, and the Hymatol Project (phylogeny of Hymenoptera). More information can be found at the Sharkey Lab webpage: http://sharkeylab.org/sharkeylab/sharkeyProjects.php

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Eric Chapman
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Michael Sharkey
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Eric Chapman


Hymenoptera Institute S-225 Agriculture Science Center North, 1100 S Limestone 40546 Lexington KY United States



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