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University of South Florida Herbarium


The USF Herbarium was founded in 1958 by George R. Cooley. The herbarium contains approximately 280,000 specimens, consisting of about 260,000 specimens of vascular plants, 14,000 algae, 2,800 bryophytes, 1,300 lichens, and 300 macrofungi. The collection contains approximately 400 type specimens. The herbarium is richest in specimens from Florida (~40%), with additional holdings from North America north of Mexico (~35%), Latin America and the West Indies (~15%), and the Eastern Hemisphere (~10%). Specific groups well represented in the herbarium include Acanthaceae, Apocynaceae, Begoniaceae, Bromeliaceae, Fabaceae, Orchidaceae, and pteridophytes (ferns).

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Joanna McCaffrey
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Alan R. Franck
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Joanna McCaffrey


University of South Florida Herbarium CMMB Dept., University of South Florida, 4202 E. Fowler Ave., ISA 2015 33620 Tampa Florida United States


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