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Department of Botany. Univ. Navarra


The PAMP Herbarium was founded in 1970 by Professor M. Losa España, though Professors J.M. Muñoz Medina and B. Casaseca contributed to the collection sending specimens. The collection is mainly integrated by vascular plants from Navarra province due to PhD Thesis and Msc Thesis made in the zone. The section of briophytes has been increased as well, because of specimens collected in Briology Meetings and exchanges with "Briotheca Hispánica". Nowadays, the researches of the Herbarium are updating and computerizing the collection and increasing its funds.

Administrative contact
Ricardo Ibáñez Gastón
+34 948425600 x806532
Technical contact
María Imas Lecumberr
+34 948425600 x806280


Department of Botany. Univ. Navarra Calle Irunlarrea, s/n. 31080 Navarra Spain +34-948425600 ext. 6532

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