Dutch Foundation for Botanical Research (FLORON)

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Dutch Foundation for Botanical Research (FLORON)


FLORON stands for the Dutch "Floristisch Onderzoek Nederland" and is an organisation dedicated to the research and conservation of vascular plants. The FLORON Foundation is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with over 1500 volunteers and 4 professional staff members. FLORON’s aim is to monitor all vascular plant species through a national monitoring scheme that uses basically the same surveying protocol since 1901. Secondary aims are the protection of endangered plant species.

Administrative contact
+31 24 7410573
Technical contact
Laurens Sparrius
Project leader / Ecologist
+31 24 7410573


Dutch Foundation for Botanical Research (FLORON) P.O. Box 9010 NL-6500 GL Nijmegen Netherlands +31 24 7410573



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Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility

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The map shows georeferenced data for all datasets published. 80% of all data is georeferenced.

Published datasets

  • FLORIVON Occurrence dataset. Updated 19-Dec-2016. 1,092,555 records (1,068,928 georeferenced)

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