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The Instituto Boto Cinza (IBC) is a non-profit non Governmental Organization, whose mission is to work for the preservation of Sotalia guianensis and conservation of the marine ecosystem with environmental commitments. Over years of study based on three basic pillars (research, environmental education and public policy), the IBC has led the Sotalia guianensis as a flagship species and umbrella species in conservation of marine and coastal ecosystem of the southern coast of Rio de Janeiro. Since 2005, the Instituto Boto Cinza develops systematic data collection on the biology and ecology of the Sotalia guianensis activities. Are over eighteen lines of research involving distribution patterns and residence, estimates of abundance and population viability, social structure, living area, aspects of population health, mortality patterns, and genetic analyzes of contaminants, reproductive characteristics, diet, parasitology, morphology, bioacoustics, and noise, and bycatch ethnobiology decay. The activities for Environmental Education of the Instituto Boto Cinza mobilize municipalities like Itaguaí, Mangaratiba and Rio de Janeiro in the environs of Sepetiba Bay, in actions that promote engagement of society in the conservation of Sotalia guianensis and marine ecosystem.

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Leonardo Flach
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Cyntia Virolli Cid Molina
23880-000 Brasilinha, Itacuruçá Mangaratiba, Rio de Janeiro Brazil


Instituto Boto Cinza Brasilinha, Itacuruçá, Mangaratiba Brazil (+55) 21 77688325

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