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Occurrence records document evidence of a named organism in nature. Through this portal, you can search, view and download records that are published through the GBIF network.

Georeferenced data

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This map shows the density of all 714,613,359 georeferenced occurrence records published through the GBIF network.

To explore the records, zoom into the map or click on the links above and add further filters to customize search results.

Taxonomic characteristics

The following provides a summary of number of records per kingdom. Further filters, such as a location or temporal filter, may be applied when exploring the data.

Record type characteristics

Records may originate from a variety of means, such as a scientist collecting a specimen or an individual recording the sighting of an organism. This is classified by the Darwin Core basisOfRecord standard.

Temporal characteristics


This visualization shows the growth in occurrences recorded after 1900. GBIF provides access to many older records, and you can add date range filters to search content for any period.

For example, here is a filtered view for records between 1850 and 1950.