Watch the GBIF Public Symposium 2014

The Public Symposium 2014 featured a series of dynamic presenters who highlighted developments in GBIF's infrastructure and community along with innovative research uses of GBIF-mediated data. The result provides a broad overview of recent developments in biodiversity informatics and its benefits to society. 

Watch on-demand videos and download speakers' presentations below (with thanks to our New Delhi production partner, Virtual Studio).

Part 1: Donald Hobern, Mélianie Raymond & Olaf Bánki, Tim Hirsch.

Part 2: Liam Lysaght, Jean Ganglo, Steve Wilkinson, John La Salle.

Part 3: Tony Rees, Vijay Barve, Liam Lysaght, Rod Page.

Part 4: Arturo Ariño, Joana Magos Brehm, Healy Hamilton, Maharaj Pandit, Paul Oldham.

Public Symposium 2014

Part 1: GBIF developments 2013-14

GBIF Today and Tomorrow
Donald Hobern, Executive Secretary, GBIF Secretariat
Presentation – PDF

GBIF Participation Support
Mélianie Raymond, Senior Programme Officer for Node Development, & Olaf Bánki, Senior Programme Officer for Participation, GBIF Secretariat
Presentation – PDF

GBIF Impacts
Tim Hirsch, Deputy Director, GBIF Secretariat
Presentation – PDF

Part 2: National participation and using data for policy

National data management services in Ireland
Liam Lysaght, Centre Director, National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland
Presentation – PDF

GBIF Benin: Progress and plans
Jean Ganglo, Professor of Forestry, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Abomey-Calavi, and Node Manager, GBIF Benin
Presentation – PDF

A species stocktake for UK overseas territories
Steve Wilkinson, Joint Nature Conservation Committee, United Kingdom
Presentation – PDF

Capturing data on biodiversity conservation in Australia.
John La Salle, Director, Atlas of Living Australia
Presentation – PDF

Part 3: GBIF promoting excellence in biodiversity informatics

2014 Ebbe Nielsen Prize: Selected innovations in biodiversity informatics
Tony Rees, CSIRO Australia. Introduced by Rod Page, Chair, GBIF Science Committee
Presentation – PDF | Slideshare

Research update: Emma Gomez, 2013 Young Researchers Award recipient

2014 Young Researchers Award winner: Vijay Barve
Remarks by Vijay Barve, Foundation for Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions, India

2014 Young Researchers Award winner: Caoimhe Marshall
Remarks by Liam Lysaght, Centre Director National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland

Ebbe Nielsen Challenge
Rod Page, Chair, GBIF Science Committee
Presentation – PDF

Part 4: GBIF supporting research for sustainable development

Filling biodiversity knowledge gaps
Arturo Ariño, Head, Dept. Environmental Biology, and Director, Museum of Natural Sciences, University of Navarra, Spain
Presentation – PDF

GBIF helping to underpin food security
Joana Magos Brehm, School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham, UK
Presentation – PDF

Biodiversity data and emerging infectious diseases
Healy Hamilton, Chief Scientist, NatureServe, USA
Presentation – PDF

Databases and invasion research: an ecogenomic perspective
Maharaj Pandit, Department of Environmental Studies & Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies of Mountain & Hill Environment, University of Delhi
Presentation – PDF

Biodiversity and human innovation
Paul Oldham, ESRC Centre for Economic and Social Aspect of Genomics, Lancaster University
Presentation – PDF