Conference : ‘’ Importance of Bee and Other Floricultural Insect Diversity for the Development and Environmental Protection in Cameroon’’

The conference aims at pooling the results of research on Bees and other floricultural insects, their contribution to health, food security and protection of natural ecosystems in Cameroon.

This Conference is an activity organized for the Project “Mobilisation of diversity data on Bees for conservation and sustainable development of the beekeeping sector in Cameroon” funded under the Biodiversity Information for Development (BID) programme.


Students, researchers, teachers, members of peasant organisations, representatives of national and international institutions and organisations.

Contact information 

Prof TAMESSE Joseph Lebel, President of the Cameroonian Society of Entomology, Higher Teacher Training College, University of Yaounde 1 ; email : jltamesse@yahoo.fr ; Tel : +237 672 552 850

Prof TCHUENGUEM FOHOUO Fernand-Nestor, Insect scientist, beekeeper, Head of Applied Apidology Unit, Faculty of Science, University of Ngaoundere; email: nt.foho@gmail.com; Tel : +237 699 869 350 / 653 537 816

Mr SOUKONTOUA Yves Bertrand, principal investigator; Faculty of Science, University of Ngaoundere / Faculty of Bioscience Ingeneering, University of Ghent, email: soukybert@yahoo.fr; Tel : +237 699 971 697