III eLearning workshop on data quality in biodiversity databases by GBIF Spain

GBIF Spain organizes the third edition of their eLearning course on data quality in biodiversity databases. The principles of data quality to be revised together with methods to increase this quality in our databases. Target length: 30 hours.


26 people. This workshop is addressed to people who work with biological databases: both those working in natural history collections and those working with other biodiversity-related databases.

Contact information 

Please contact GBIF Spain (info AT gbif.es) if you have any questions about this event. Registration through the same email address, before the 10 February 2012.

  • Cezón García, Katia (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Pando, Francisco (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Caritg, Roger (Participant)
  • Carboni, Miguel Salvador (Participant)
  • Damborenea, María Cristina (Participant)
  • Villodre Carrilero, Agustín (Participant)
  • da Silva, Antonio (Participant)
  • Mora Mayoral, Berta (Participant)
  • Guerra Rodríguez, Carmen (Participant)
  • Giménez Luque, Esther (Participant)
  • Cantarell, Esther (Participant)
  • Muñoz de los Reyes, Isabel (Participant)
  • Espitia Barrera, José (Participant)
  • Gómez Montoro, Laura (Participant)
  • Galindo Garzón, Luisa del Pilar (Participant)
  • García Vettorazzi, Manolo José (Participant)
  • Rosado Gordón, Manuel Ángel (Participant)
  • Imas Lecumberri, María (Participant)
  • Martín del Puerto, María (Participant)
  • Ludeña, Mayrée (Participant)
  • Puerto González, Miguel Ángel (Participant)
  • Pérez Zorrila, Rafael (Participant)
  • Leónidas Lizarraga, Roberto (Participant)
  • Tarquino Zapata, Rodrigo (Participant)
  • Gago Carrión, Sergi (Participant)