Information technology for the management, integration and sharing of biodiversity data by CRBIF

This event was held within a mentoring project between the GBIF Nodes of Costa Rica and Chile.
The objective was to to train the managers of the Chilean node in biodiversity informatics topics, to evaluate the results of the biological collection index recently compiled in Chile and to better define the strategy to develop the national biodiversity information facility in the country.
[Original title: Tecnología informática para la administración, integración y divulgación de información sobre biodiversidad].


12 people. This event was targeted to the members of the GBIF Node of Chile.

Contact information 

Please contact María Auxiliadora Mora (mmora AT inbio.ac.cr) if you want more information about this event.

  • Guerrero Zepeda, Sofia (Participant)
  • Gálvez Herrera, Óscar (Participant)
  • Chaves, Gerardo (Participant)
  • Sanabria Rodríguez, Aurelio (Participant)
  • Vargas González, Jorge Arturo (Participant)
  • Vargas, Manuel (Participant)
  • Olivares, Leonardo (Participant)
  • Bolaños, Silvia (Participant)
  • García, Adrián (Participant)
  • Zamora, Nelson (Participant)
  • Araya, Alla (Participant)
  • Sulca, Geannina (Participant)