National workshop on biodiversity informatics in Chile

Chile and Costa Rica are engaged in a GBIF mentoring project to facilitate the development of a biodiversity information facility in Chile. Trainers from Costa Rica will participate in this workshop on biodiversity informatics to create capacity and raise awareness on these issues in Chile.


33 people. Biodiversity managers, project leaders and people in charge of natural history collections in Chile.

Contact information 

Please contact the local organizers if you have any questions about this event.

  • Molt, Karin (Chair)
  • Mora, Maria Auxiliadora (Chair)
  • Vargas, Manuel (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Sanabria Rodríguez, Aurelio (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Soto, Fernando (Participant)
  • Solis, José Luis (Participant)
  • Lamilla, Julio (Participant)
  • Mondaca, Fredy (Participant)
  • Bravo, Alejandro (Participant)
  • Hauenstein, Enrique (Participant)
  • Troncoso, J. Franklin (Participant)
  • Marticorena, Alicia (Participant)
  • Peñailillo, Patricio (Participant)
  • Castillo, Reinaldo Vargas (Participant)
  • Sallaberry, Michel (Participant)
  • Faundez, Luis (Participant)
  • Gálvez Herrera, Óscar (Participant)
  • Cornejo, Augusto (Participant)
  • Núñez, Herman (Participant)
  • Arriagada, Jimena (Participant)
  • Ponce, Tamara (Participant)
  • Basilio, Canio (Participant)
  • Olivares, Leonardo (Participant)
  • Elgueta, Mario (Participant)
  • Yáñez, Jose (Participant)
  • Azocar, Leslie (Participant)
  • Tala Gonzalez, Charif (Participant)
  • Avilés, Reinaldo (Participant)
  • Guerrero Zepeda, Sofia (Participant)
  • Zabala, Patricio (Participant)
  • Párraga, Diana (Participant)
  • Murillo, Wladimir (Participant)