Training course on persistent identifiers

GBIF has identified the provision of identifiers for biodiversity objects as one of the central challenges to developing a global bioinformatics infrastructure. Besides, one of the main recommendations of the “LSID GUID Task Group” convened by GBIF was to provide education and support for community members who are in the process of adopting Persistent Identifiers.
This course aims at increasing the knowledge of the participants about Persistent Identifiers, specifically on how to issue, use, publish and resolve these identifiers, helping them to select the most appropriate solution for their specific situation.


24 people. This course is targeted to (i) teams leading the development of biodiversity informatics tools that can potentially issue/use/resolve Persistent Identifiers and (ii) biodiversity data managers, who are in a position to start implementing Persistent Identifiers in their work.

Contact information 

Please contact the GBIF Secretariat (training AT gbif.org) if you have any questions about this event.

  • González Talaván, Alberto (Contact)
  • Ó Tuama, Éamonn (Contact)
  • Richards, Kevin (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Nicolson, Nicola (Nicky) (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Riccardi, Greg (Speaker / Trainer)
  • Pando, Francisco (Collaborator)
  • Villaverde Úbeda-Portugués, Cristina (Support staff)
  • Roca Ristol, Pere (Participant)
  • Glöckler, Falko (Participant)
  • Vélez, Danny (Participant)
  • Monda, Lawrence (Participant)
  • Heikkinen, Mikko (Participant)
  • Nyinondi, Philbert (Participant)
  • Lange, Christian (Participant)
  • Carboni, Miguel Salvador (Participant)
  • Lukman, (Participant)
  • Cigar, Julien (Participant)
  • Ratnasingham, Sujeevan (Participant)
  • Kumar, Harendra (Participant)
  • Graf , Mickaël (Participant)
  • Meronka, Robert (Participant)
  • Vargas González, Jorge Arturo (Participant)
  • Creuwels, Jeroen (Participant)
  • Holmes, Timothy (Participant)
  • Sørensen, Zina (Chair)
  • Waumans, Filip (Participant)
  • Vanhoorne, Bart (Participant)
  • Folia Campos, Marc (Participant)
  • García San León, David (Participant)
  • Torres Sanjuán, Luis Guillermo (Participant)
  • Alonso Felpete, José Ignacio (Participant)
  • Hernández Olmos, Juan Francisco (Participant)