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Bryophyte data for Great Britain from the British Bryological Society held by BRC: Atlas 2014


Bryophyte records submitted to the Biological Records Centre for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands. The dataset comprises records collected for the Bryophyte Recording Scheme, as well as those extracted from literature and museum sources. Details of all the surveys in this dataset can be obtained by clicking the 'Surveys' tab. This 'Atlas' dataset contains all of the records presented in Blockeel et al. (2014) Atlas of British and Irish Bryophytes, with the exception of two datasets (one from Cofnod [North Wales Environmental Information Centre] and one from CEDaR [Centre for Environmental Data and Recording, Northern Ireland]) which the BBS were not given permission to export to the NBN. These are datasets 883 and 881 in the BBS/BRC database. This new dataset contains records covering 109 vice-counties since the last NBN export, with over five hundred new records for each of the following counties: Cheshire, North Ebudes, East Sussex, West Ross, Caernarvonshire, Merionethshire, Shropshire (Salop), Carmarthenshire, Argyll Main, West Inverness-shire, South Lancashire, Surrey, East Norfolk, Outer Hebrides, South-west Yorkshire, East Inverness-shire (with Nairn), Breconshire, Cambridgeshire, West Lancashire, Dumfriesshire, West Norfolk, West Sussex, Huntingdonshire, North Essex, Durham, Cardiganshire, Buckinghamshire, North Northumberland (Cheviot), West Sutherland, and Derbyshire. This dataset will not be added to in future, but will only be subject to amendments. Data collected or collated by the BBS post-Atlas (i.e. from the 01/01/2014) will form a new dataset on the NBN.


For county floras, national atlas production and inclusion in BRC database.

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Blockeel, T.L., Bosanquet, S.D.S., Hill, M.O. & Preston, C.D., eds (2014) Atlas of British And Irish Bryophytes. 2 vols. Pisces Publications, Newbury.

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Date range: Jan 1, 1650 - Jan 6, 2014

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Sep 25, 2015

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Sep 15, 2010

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Great Britain, Ireland, Isle of Man, Channel Islands.


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Taxonomic Coverage

Abietinella abietina, Abietinella abietina var. abietina, Abietinella abietina var. hystricosa, Acaulon muticum, Acaulon muticum var. mediterraneum, Acaulon triquetrum, Achrophyllum dentatum, Acrobolbus wilsonii, Adelanthus decipiens, Adelanthus lindenbergianus, Aloina, Aloina aloides, Aloina aloides sensu lato, Aloina ambigua, Aloina brevirostris, Aloina rigida, Amblyodon dealbatus, Amblystegium confervoides, Amblystegium radicale, Amblystegium serpens, Amblystegium serpens var. salinum, Amblystegium serpens var. serpens, Amphidium lapponicum, Amphidium mougeotii, Anastrepta orcadensis, Anastrophyllum alpinum, Anastrophyllum donnianum, Anastrophyllum hellerianum, Anastrophyllum joergensenii, Anastrophyllum minutum, Anastrophyllum saxicola, Andreaea, Andreaea alpestris, Andreaea alpina, Andreaea blyttii, Andreaea frigida, Andreaea megistospora, Andreaea mutabilis, Andreaea nivalis, Andreaea rothii, Andreaea rothii agg. sensu Smith (1978), Andreaea rothii subsp. falcata, Andreaea rothii subsp. falcata-subsp. rothii intermediate, Andreaea rothii subsp. rothii, Andreaea rupestris, Andreaea rupestris agg. sensu Smith (1978), Andreaea rupestris var. papillosa, Andreaea rupestris var. papillosa-var. rupestris intermediate, Andreaea rupestris var. rupestris, Andreaea sinuosa, Aneura, Aneura pinguis, Anoectangium aestivum, Anomobryum julaceum, Anomobryum julaceum var. concinnatum, Anomobryum julaceum var. julaceum, Anomodon attenuatus, Anomodon longifolius, Anomodon viticulosus, Anthelia julacea, Anthelia juratzkana, Anthoceros, Anthoceros agrestis, Anthoceros punctatus, Antitrichia curtipendula, Aongstroemia longipes, Aphanolejeunea microscopica, Aphanorhegma patens, Aplodon wormskjoldii, Apometzgeria pubescens, Archidium alternifolium, Arctoa anderssonii, Arctoa fulvella, Athalamia hyalina, Atrichum, Atrichum angustatum, Atrichum crispum, Atrichum tenellum, Atrichum undulatum, Atrichum undulatum var. gracilisetum, Atrichum undulatum var. undulatum, Aulacomnium androgynum, Aulacomnium palustre, Aulacomnium turgidum, Barbilophozia, Barbilophozia atlantica, Barbilophozia attenuata, Barbilophozia barbata, Barbilophozia floerkei, Barbilophozia hatcheri, Barbilophozia kunzeana, Barbilophozia lycopodioides, Barbilophozia quadriloba, Barbula, Barbula convoluta, Barbula sardoa, Barbula unguiculata, Bartramia halleriana, Bartramia ithyphylla, Bartramia pomiformis, Bartramia stricta, Bazzania pearsonii, Bazzania tricrenata, Bazzania trilobata, Blasia pusilla, Blepharostoma trichophyllum, Blindia, Blindia acuta, Blindia caespiticia, Brachydontium trichodes, Brachytheciastrum velutinum, Brachythecium, Brachythecium albicans, Brachythecium erythrorrhizon, Brachythecium glaciale, Brachythecium glareosum, Brachythecium mildeanum, Brachythecium reflexum, Brachythecium rivulare, Brachythecium rutabulum, Brachythecium salebrosum, Brachythecium starkei, Brachythecium trachypodium, Breutelia chrysocoma, Bruchia vogesiaca, Bryoerythrophyllum caledonicum, Bryoerythrophyllum ferruginascens, Bryoerythrophyllum recurvirostrum, Bryopsida, Bryum, Bryum algovicum, Bryum alpinum, Bryum apiculatum, Bryum archangelicum, Bryum arcticum, Bryum argenteum, Bryum bornholmense, Bryum caespiticium, Bryum calophyllum, Bryum canariense, Bryum capillare, Bryum creberrimum, Bryum cyclophyllum, Bryum dichotomum, Bryum dixonii, Bryum donianum, Bryum dyffrynense, Bryum elegans, Bryum gemmiferum, Bryum gemmilucens, Bryum gemmiparum, Bryum intermedium, Bryum klinggraeffii, Bryum knowltonii, Bryum kunzei, Bryum marratii, Bryum mildeanum, Bryum muehlenbeckii, Bryum pallens, Bryum pallescens, Bryum pseudotriquetrum, Bryum pseudotriquetrum var. bimum, Bryum pseudotriquetrum var. pseudotriquetrum, Bryum radiculosum, Bryum riparium, Bryum rubens, Bryum ruderale, Bryum salinum, Bryum sauteri, Bryum schleicheri, Bryum subapiculatum, Bryum subelegans, Bryum tenuisetum, Bryum torquescens, Bryum turbinatum, Bryum uliginosum, Bryum valparaisense, Bryum violaceum, Bryum warneum, Bryum weigelii, Buxbaumia aphylla, Buxbaumia viridis, Callialaria curvicaulis, Calliergon cordifolium, Calliergon giganteum, Calliergon sarmentosum, Calliergon trifarium, Calliergonella cuspidata, Calomnion complanatum, Calypogeia, Calypogeia arguta, Calypogeia azurea, Calypogeia fissa, Calypogeia integristipula, Calypogeia muelleriana, Calypogeia neesiana, Calypogeia sphagnicola, Calypogeia suecica, Calyptrochaeta apiculata, Campyliadelphus chrysophyllus, Campyliadelphus elodes, Campylium, Campylium stellatum var. protensum, Campylium stellatum var. stellatum, Campylophyllum calcareum, Campylophyllum halleri, Campylopus, Campylopus atrovirens, Campylopus atrovirens var. atrovirens, Campylopus atrovirens var. falcatus, Campylopus brevipilus, Campylopus flexuosus, Campylopus fragilis, Campylopus gracilis, Campylopus introflexus, Campylopus pilifer, Campylopus pyriformis, Campylopus schimperi, Campylopus setifolius, Campylopus shawii, Campylopus subulatus, Campylostelium saxicola, Catoscopium nigritum, Cephalozia, Cephalozia ambigua, Cephalozia bicuspidata, Cephalozia catenulata, Cephalozia connivens, Cephalozia hibernica, Cephalozia leucantha, Cephalozia loitlesbergeri, Cephalozia lunulifolia, Cephalozia macrostachya, Cephalozia macrostachya var. macrostachya, Cephalozia macrostachya var. spiniflora, Cephalozia pleniceps, Cephaloziella, Cephaloziella baumgartneri, Cephaloziella calyculata, Cephaloziella dentata, Cephaloziella divaricata, Cephaloziella elachista, Cephaloziella hampeana, Cephaloziella integerrima, Cephaloziella massalongi, Cephaloziella nicholsonii, Cephaloziella rubella, Cephaloziella spinigera, Cephaloziella stellulifera, Cephaloziella turneri, Ceratodon conicus, Ceratodon purpureus, Cheilothela chloropus, Chenia leptophylla, Chiloscyphus, Chiloscyphus pallescens, Chiloscyphus polyanthos, Chiloscyphus polyanthos sensu lato, Cinclidium stygium, Cinclidotus, Cinclidotus fontinaloides, Cinclidotus riparius, Cirriphyllum cirrosum, Cirriphyllum piliferum, Cladopodiella fluitans, Cladopodiella francisci, Climacium dendroides, Cololejeunea calcarea, Cololejeunea minutissima, Cololejeunea rossettiana, Colura calyptrifolia, Conardia compacta, Conocephalum conicum, Conocephalum conicum s.l., Conocephalum salebrosum, Conostomum tetragonum, Coscinodon cribrosus, Cratoneuron filicinum, Crossidium squamiferum, Cryphaea heteromalla, Cryphaea lamyana, Cryptothallus mirabilis, Ctenidium molluscum, Ctenidium molluscum var. condensatum, Ctenidium molluscum var. molluscum, Ctenidium molluscum var. robustum, Ctenidium procerrimum, Cyclodictyon laetevirens, Cynodontium, Cynodontium bruntonii, Cynodontium fallax, Cynodontium jenneri, Cynodontium polycarpon, Cynodontium strumiferum, Cynodontium tenellum, Daltonia splachnoides, Dialytrichia mucronata, Dialytrichia saxicola, Dichodontium, Dichodontium flavescens, Dichodontium pellucidum, Dichodontium pellucidum sensu lato, Dicranella, Dicranella cerviculata, Dicranella crispa, Dicranella grevilleana, Dicranella heteromalla, Dicranella palustris, Dicranella rufescens, Dicranella schreberiana, Dicranella staphylina, Dicranella subulata, Dicranella varia, Dicranodontium, Dicranodontium asperulum, Dicranodontium denudatum, Dicranodontium uncinatum, Dicranoloma, Dicranoloma menziesii, Dicranoweisia cirrata, Dicranoweisia crispula, Dicranum, Dicranum bergeri, Dicranum bonjeanii, Dicranum elongatum, Dicranum flagellare, Dicranum flexicaule, Dicranum fuscescens, Dicranum leioneuron, Dicranum majus, Dicranum montanum, Dicranum polysetum, Dicranum scoparium, Dicranum scottianum, Dicranum spurium, Dicranum subporodictyon, Dicranum tauricum, Didymodon, Didymodon acutus, Didymodon cordatus, Didymodon fallax, Didymodon ferrugineus, Didymodon glaucus, Didymodon icmadophilus, Didymodon insulanus, Didymodon luridus, Didymodon maximus, Didymodon nicholsonii, Didymodon rigidulus, Didymodon spadiceus, Didymodon tomaculosus, Didymodon tophaceus, Didymodon umbrosus, Didymodon vinealis, Diphyscium foliosum, Diplophyllum albicans, Diplophyllum obtusifolium, Diplophyllum taxifolium, Discelium nudum, Distichium, Distichium capillaceum, Distichium inclinatum, Ditrichum, Ditrichum cornubicum, Ditrichum cylindricum, Ditrichum flexicaule, Ditrichum flexicaule sensu lato, Ditrichum gracile, Ditrichum heteromallum, Ditrichum lineare, Ditrichum pallidum, Ditrichum plumbicola, Ditrichum pusillum, Ditrichum subulatum, Ditrichum zonatum, Douinia ovata, Drepanocladus, Drepanocladus aduncus, Drepanocladus cossonii, Drepanocladus polygamus, Drepanocladus revolvens, Drepanocladus revolvens sensu lato, Drepanocladus sendtneri, Drepanolejeunea hamatifolia, Dumortiera hirsuta, Encalypta, Encalypta alpina, Encalypta brevicollis, Encalypta ciliata, Encalypta rhaptocarpa, Encalypta streptocarpa, Encalypta vulgaris, Entodon concinnus, Entosthodon, Entosthodon attenuatus, Entosthodon fascicularis, Entosthodon fascicularis or Physcomitrium pyriforme, Entosthodon obtusus, Ephemerum, Ephemerum cohaerens, Ephemerum hibernicum, Ephemerum recurvifolium, Ephemerum serratum, Ephemerum serratum var. minutissimum, Ephemerum serratum var. serratum, Ephemerum sessile, Ephemerum spinulosum, Ephemerum stellatum, Epipterygium tozeri, Eremonotus myriocarpus, Eucladium verticillatum, Eurhynchium, Eurhynchium crassinervium, Eurhynchium meridionale, Eurhynchium praelongum, Eurhynchium pulchellum, Eurhynchium pumilum, Eurhynchium schleicheri, Eurhynchium speciosum, Eurhynchium striatulum, Eurhynchium striatum, Fissidens, Fissidens adianthoides, Fissidens bryoides, Fissidens celticus, Fissidens crassipes, Fissidens curnovii, Fissidens curvatus, Fissidens dubius, Fissidens exilis, Fissidens gracilifolius, Fissidens incurvus, Fissidens limbatus, Fissidens monguillonii, Fissidens osmundoides, Fissidens polyphyllus, Fissidens pusillus, Fissidens pusillus sensu lato, Fissidens rivularis, Fissidens rufulus, Fissidens serrulatus, Fissidens taxifolius, Fissidens taxifolius var. pallidicaulis, Fissidens taxifolius var. taxifolius, Fissidens viridulus, Fissidens viridulus sensu lato, Fontinalis, Fontinalis antipyretica, Fontinalis antipyretica var. antipyretica, Fontinalis antipyretica var. cymbifolia, Fontinalis antipyretica var. gracilis, Fontinalis squamosa, Fontinalis squamosa var. curnowii, Fontinalis squamosa var. squamosa, Fossombronia, Fossombronia angulosa, Fossombronia caespitiformis, Fossombronia caespitiformis s.l., Fossombronia crozalsii, Fossombronia fimbriata, Fossombronia foveolata, Fossombronia husnotii, Fossombronia incurva, Fossombronia maritima, Fossombronia pusilla, Fossombronia pusilla sensu lato, Fossombronia wondraczekii, Frullania dilatata, Frullania fragilifolia, Frullania microphylla, Frullania microphylla var. deciduifolia, Frullania microphylla var. microphylla, Frullania tamarisci, Frullania teneriffae, Funaria, Funaria hygrometrica, Funaria muhlenbergii, Funaria pulchella, Funariaceae, Geocalyx graveolens, Glyphomitrium daviesii, Gongylanthus ericetorum, Grimmia, Grimmia alpestris, Grimmia anodon, Grimmia arenaria, Grimmia atrata, Grimmia crinita, Grimmia curvata, Grimmia decipiens, Grimmia dissimulata, Grimmia donniana, Grimmia elatior, Grimmia elongata, Grimmia funalis, Grimmia hartmanii, Grimmia incurva, Grimmia laevigata, Grimmia lisae, Grimmia longirostris, Grimmia montana, Grimmia orbicularis, Grimmia ovalis, Grimmia pulvinata, Grimmia sessitana, Grimmia tergestina, Grimmia torquata, Grimmia trichophylla, Grimmia trichophylla agg., Grimmia unicolor, Gymnocolea acutiloba, Gymnocolea inflata, Gymnomitrion apiculatum, Gymnomitrion concinnatum, Gymnomitrion corallioides, Gymnomitrion crenulatum, Gymnomitrion obtusum, Gymnostomum, Gymnostomum aeruginosum, Gymnostomum calcareum, Gymnostomum viridulum, Gyroweisia reflexa, Gyroweisia tenuis, Habrodon perpusillus, Hamatocaulis vernicosus, Haplomitrium hookeri, Harpalejeunea molleri, Harpanthus flotovianus, Harpanthus scutatus, Hedwigia ciliata, Hedwigia ciliata sensu lato, Hedwigia ciliata var. ciliata, Hedwigia ciliata var. leucophaea, Hedwigia integrifolia, Hedwigia stellata, Helodium blandowii, Hennediella heimii, Hennediella macrophylla, Hennediella stanfordensis, Herbertus, Herbertus aduncus, Herbertus dicranus, Herbertus stramineus, Herzogiella seligeri, Herzogiella striatella, Heterocladium, Heterocladium dimorphum, Heterocladium heteropterum, Heterocladium heteropterum var. flaccidum, Heterocladium heteropterum var. heteropterum, Heterocladium wulfsbergii, Heteroscyphus fissistipus, Homalia trichomanoides, Homalothecium, Homalothecium lutescens, Homalothecium sericeum, Homomallium incurvatum, Hookeria lucens, Hygroamblystegium fluviatile, Hygroamblystegium humile, Hygroamblystegium tenax, Hygroamblystegium varium, Hygrobiella laxifolia, Hygrohypnum, Hygrohypnum duriusculum, Hygrohypnum eugyrium, Hygrohypnum luridum, Hygrohypnum molle, Hygrohypnum ochraceum, Hygrohypnum polare, Hygrohypnum smithii, Hygrohypnum styriacum, Hylocomium brevirostre, Hylocomium pyrenaicum, Hylocomium splendens, Hylocomium umbratum, Hymenostylium insigne, Hymenostylium recurvirostrum, Hymenostylium recurvirostrum sensu lato, Hyocomium, Hyocomium armoricum, Hypnum, Hypnum andoi, Hypnum bambergeri, Hypnum callichroum, Hypnum cupressiforme, Hypnum cupressiforme sensu lato, Hypnum cupressiforme var. heseleri, Hypnum cupressiforme var. resupinatum, Hypnum hamulosum, Hypnum imponens, Hypnum jutlandicum, Hypnum lacunosum var. lacunosum, Hypnum lindbergii, Hypnum revolutum, Hypnum revolutum var. dolomiticum, Hypnum uncinulatum, Hypnum vaucheri, Isopterygiopsis muelleriana, Isopterygiopsis pulchella, Isothecium, Isothecium alopecuroides, Isothecium holtii, Isothecium myosuroides, Isothecium myosuroides var. brachythecioides, Isothecium myosuroides var. myosuroides, Jamesoniella autumnalis, Jamesoniella undulifolia, Jubula hutchinsiae, Jungermannia, Jungermannia atrovirens, Jungermannia borealis, Jungermannia caespiticia, Jungermannia confertissima, Jungermannia exsertifolia, Jungermannia gracillima, Jungermannia hyalina, Jungermannia leiantha, Jungermannia obovata, Jungermannia paroica, Jungermannia polaris, Jungermannia pumila, Jungermannia sphaerocarpa, Jungermannia subelliptica, Kiaeria blyttii, Kiaeria falcata, Kiaeria glacialis, Kiaeria starkei, Kurzia, Kurzia pauciflora, Kurzia sylvatica, Kurzia trichoclados, Leiocolea, Leiocolea alpestris, Leiocolea badensis, Leiocolea bantriensis, Leiocolea fitzgeraldiae, Leiocolea gillmanii, Leiocolea heterocolpos, Leiocolea rutheana, Leiocolea rutheana var. laxa, Leiocolea rutheana var. rutheana, Leiocolea turbinata, Lejeunea cavifolia, Lejeunea flava, Lejeunea hibernica, Lejeunea holtii, Lejeunea lamacerina, Lejeunea mandonii, Lejeunea patens, Lepidozia cupressina, Lepidozia pearsonii, Lepidozia reptans, Leptobarbula berica, Leptobryum pyriforme, Leptodictyum riparium, Leptodon smithii, Leptodontium flexifolium, Leptodontium gemmascens, Leptoscyphus cuneifolius, Leptotheca gaudichaudii, Lescuraea saxicola, Leskea polycarpa, Leucobryum, Leucobryum glaucum, Leucobryum juniperoideum, Leucodon sciuroides, Leucodon sciuroides var. morensis, Leucodon sciuroides var. sciuroides, Lophocolea, Lophocolea bidentata, Lophocolea bispinosa, Lophocolea brookwoodiana, Lophocolea fragrans, Lophocolea heterophylla, Lophocolea semiteres, Lophozia, Lophozia bicrenata, Lophozia capitata, Lophozia excisa, Lophozia herzogiana, Lophozia incisa, Lophozia longidens, Lophozia longiflora, Lophozia obtusa, Lophozia opacifolia, Lophozia perssonii, Lophozia sudetica, Lophozia ventricosa, Lophozia wenzelii, Lunularia cruciata, Marchantia polymorpha, Marchantia polymorpha subsp. montivagans, Marchantia polymorpha subsp. polymorpha, Marchantia polymorpha subsp. ruderalis, Marchantiopsida, Marchesinia mackaii, Marsupella, Marsupella adusta, Marsupella alpina, Marsupella arctica, Marsupella boeckii, Marsupella brevissima, Marsupella condensata, Marsupella emarginata, Marsupella emarginata var. aquatica, Marsupella emarginata var. emarginata, Marsupella emarginata var. pearsonii, Marsupella funckii, Marsupella profunda, Marsupella sparsifolia, Marsupella sphacelata, Marsupella sprucei, Marsupella stableri, Mastigophora woodsii, Meesia triquetra, Meesia uliginosa, Metzgeria, Metzgeria conjugata, Metzgeria consanguinea, Metzgeria fruticulosa sensu lato, Metzgeria furcata, Metzgeria leptoneura, Metzgeria violacea, Microbryum, Microbryum curvicolle, Microbryum davallianum, Microbryum floerkeanum, Microbryum rectum, Microbryum starckeanum, Microlejeunea ulicina, Micromitrium tenerum, Mielichhoferia elongata, Mielichhoferia mielichhoferiana, Mnium ambiguum, Mnium hornum, Mnium marginatum, Mnium marginatum var. dioicum, Mnium marginatum var. marginatum, Mnium spinosum, Mnium stellare, Mnium thomsonii, Moerckia blyttii, Moerckia flotoviana s.str., Moerckia hibernica, Moerckia hibernica s.l., Molendoa warburgii, Mylia anomala, Mylia taylorii, Myrinia pulvinata, Myurella julacea, Myurella tenerrima, Myurium hochstetteri, Nardia, Nardia breidleri, Nardia compressa, Nardia geoscyphus, Nardia insecta, Nardia scalaris, Neckera complanata, Neckera crispa, Neckera pennata, Neckera pumila, Nowellia, Nowellia curvifolia, Octodiceras fontanum, Odontoschisma denudatum, Odontoschisma elongatum, Odontoschisma macounii, Odontoschisma sphagni, Oedipodium griffithianum, Oligotrichum hercynicum, Oncophorus virens, Oncophorus wahlenbergii, Orthodontium gracile, Orthodontium lineare, Orthothecium intricatum, Orthothecium rufescens, Orthotrichaceae, Orthotrichum, Orthotrichum acuminatum, Orthotrichum affine, Orthotrichum anomalum, Orthotrichum cambrense, Orthotrichum consimile, Orthotrichum cupulatum, Orthotrichum diaphanum, Orthotrichum gymnostomum, Orthotrichum lyellii, Orthotrichum obtusifolium, Orthotrichum pallens, Orthotrichum pulchellum, Orthotrichum pumilum, Orthotrichum rivulare, Orthotrichum rupestre, Orthotrichum speciosum, Orthotrichum sprucei, Orthotrichum stramineum, Orthotrichum striatum, Orthotrichum tenellum, Oxyrrhynchium, Oxyrrhynchium hians, Oxystegus hibernicus, Oxystegus sinuosus, Oxystegus tenuirostris, Oxystegus tenuirostris var. holtii, Oxystegus tenuirostris var. tenuirostris, Pallavicinia lyellii, Paludella squarrosa, Palustriella, Palustriella commutata, Palustriella commutata var. commutata, Palustriella commutata var. falcata, Palustriella decipiens, Paraleptodontium recurvifolium, Paraleucobryum longifolium, Pedinophyllum interruptum, Pellia, Pellia endiviifolia, Pellia epiphylla, Pellia neesiana, Pelliaceae, Petalophyllum ralfsii, Phaeoceros, Phaeoceros carolinianus, Phaeoceros laevis, Phaeoceros laevis sensu lato, Phascum cuspidatum, Phascum cuspidatum var. cuspidatum, Phascum cuspidatum var. papillosum, Phascum cuspidatum var. piliferum, Phascum cuspidatum var. schreberianum, Philonotis, Philonotis arnellii, Philonotis caespitosa, Philonotis calcarea, Philonotis cernua, Philonotis fontana, Philonotis marchica, Philonotis rigida, Philonotis seriata, Philonotis tomentella, Physcomitrium eurystomum, Physcomitrium pyriforme, Physcomitrium sphaericum, Plagiobryum, Plagiobryum demissum, Plagiobryum zieri, Plagiochila, Plagiochila asplenioides, Plagiochila asplenioides sensu lato, Plagiochila atlantica, Plagiochila britannica, Plagiochila carringtonii, Plagiochila exigua, Plagiochila killarniensis, Plagiochila norvegica, Plagiochila porelloides, Plagiochila punctata, Plagiochila spinulosa, Plagiochila spinulosa sensu lato, Plagiomnium, Plagiomnium affine, Plagiomnium cuspidatum, Plagiomnium elatum, Plagiomnium ellipticum, Plagiomnium medium, Plagiomnium rostratum, Plagiomnium undulatum, Plagiopus oederianus, Plagiothecium, Plagiothecium cavifolium, Plagiothecium curvifolium, Plagiothecium denticulatum, Plagiothecium denticulatum var. denticulatum, Plagiothecium denticulatum var. obtusifolium, Plagiothecium laetum, Plagiothecium latebricola, Plagiothecium nemorale, Plagiothecium piliferum, Plagiothecium platyphyllum, Plagiothecium succulentum, Plagiothecium undulatum, Platydictya jungermannioides, Platygyrium repens, Pleuridium, Pleuridium acuminatum, Pleuridium subulatum, Pleurochaete squarrosa, Pleurocladula albescens, Pleurozia purpurea, Pleurozium schreberi, Pogonatum, Pogonatum aloides, Pogonatum nanum, Pogonatum urnigerum, Pohlia, Pohlia andalusica, Pohlia annotina, Pohlia bulbifera, Pohlia camptotrachela, Pohlia cruda, Pohlia crudoides, Pohlia drummondii, Pohlia elongata, Pohlia elongata var. elongata, Pohlia elongata var. greenii, Pohlia filum, Pohlia flexuosa, Pohlia lescuriana, Pohlia ludwigii, Pohlia lutescens, Pohlia melanodon, Pohlia nutans, Pohlia obtusifolia, Pohlia proligera, Pohlia scotica, Pohlia wahlenbergii, Pohlia wahlenbergii var. calcarea, Pohlia wahlenbergii var. glacialis, Pohlia wahlenbergii var. wahlenbergii, Polytrichaceae, Polytrichum, Polytrichum alpinum, Polytrichum commune, Polytrichum commune var. commune, Polytrichum commune var. perigoniale, Polytrichum formosum, Polytrichum juniperinum, Polytrichum longisetum, Polytrichum piliferum, Polytrichum sexangulare, Polytrichum strictum, Porella arboris-vitae, Porella cordaeana, Porella obtusata, Porella pinnata, Porella platyphylla, Pottiopsis caespitosa, Preissia quadrata, Pseudephemerum nitidum, Pseudobryum cinclidioides, Pseudocalliergon lycopodioides, Pseudocrossidium hornschuchianum, Pseudocrossidium revolutum, Pseudoleskea incurvata, Pseudoleskea patens, Pseudoleskeella catenulata, Pseudoleskeella catenulata sensu lato, Pseudoleskeella nervosa, Pseudoleskeella rupestris, Pseudotaxiphyllum elegans, Pterigynandrum filiforme, Pterogonium gracile, Pterygoneurum lamellatum, Pterygoneurum ovatum, Ptilidium ciliare, Ptilidium pulcherrimum, Ptilium crista-castrensis, Ptychodium plicatum, Ptychomitrium polyphyllum, Pylaisia polyantha, Racomitrium, Racomitrium aciculare, Racomitrium affine, Racomitrium aquaticum, Racomitrium canescens, Racomitrium canescens sensu lato, Racomitrium ellipticum, Racomitrium elongatum, Racomitrium ericoides, Racomitrium fasciculare, Racomitrium heterostichum, Racomitrium heterostichum sensu lato, Racomitrium himalayanum, Racomitrium lanuginosum, Racomitrium macounii, Racomitrium sudeticum, Radula, Radula aquilegia, Radula carringtonii, Radula complanata, Radula holtii, Radula lindenbergiana, Radula voluta, Reboulia hemisphaerica, Rhabdoweisia crenulata, Rhabdoweisia crispata, Rhabdoweisia fugax, Rhizomnium magnifolium, Rhizomnium pseudopunctatum, Rhizomnium punctatum, Rhodobryum roseum, Rhynchostegiella curviseta, Rhynchostegiella litorea, Rhynchostegiella tenella, Rhynchostegiella teneriffae, Rhynchostegium, Rhynchostegium alopecuroides, Rhynchostegium confertum, Rhynchostegium megapolitanum, Rhynchostegium murale, Rhynchostegium riparioides, Rhynchostegium rotundifolium, Rhytidiadelphus, Rhytidiadelphus loreus, Rhytidiadelphus squarrosus, Rhytidiadelphus subpinnatus, Rhytidiadelphus triquetrus, Rhytidium rugosum, Riccardia, Riccardia chamedryfolia, Riccardia incurvata, Riccardia latifrons, Riccardia multifida, Riccardia palmata, Riccia, Riccia beyrichiana, Riccia bifurca, Riccia canaliculata, Riccia cavernosa, Riccia crozalsii, Riccia crystallina, Riccia fluitans, Riccia glauca, Riccia huebeneriana, Riccia nigrella, Riccia rhenana, Riccia sorocarpa, Riccia subbifurca, Ricciocarpos natans, Saccogyna viticulosa, Saelania glaucescens, Sanionia orthothecioides, Sanionia uncinata, Scapania, Scapania aequiloba, Scapania aspera, Scapania calcicola, Scapania compacta, Scapania curta, Scapania cuspiduligera, Scapania degenii, Scapania gracilis, Scapania gymnostomophila, Scapania irrigua, Scapania lingulata, Scapania nemorea, Scapania nimbosa, Scapania ornithopodioides, Scapania paludicola, Scapania paludosa, Scapania parvifolia, Scapania praetervisa, Scapania scandica, Scapania subalpina, Scapania uliginosa, Scapania umbrosa, Scapania undulata, Schistidium, Schistidium agassizii, Schistidium apocarpum, Schistidium apocarpum sensu lato, Schistidium atrofuscum, Schistidium confertum, Schistidium crassipilum, Schistidium dupretii, Schistidium elegantulum, Schistidium flaccidum, Schistidium flexipile, Schistidium frigidum, Schistidium frigidum var. frigidum, Schistidium frigidum var. havaasii, Schistidium maritimum, Schistidium papillosum, Schistidium platyphyllum, Schistidium pruinosum, Schistidium rivulare, Schistidium rivulare sensu lato, Schistidium robustum, Schistidium strictum, Schistidium trichodon, Schistostega pennata, Sciuro-hypnum plumosum, Sciuro-hypnum populeum, Scleropodium, Scleropodium cespitans, Scleropodium purum, Scleropodium tourettii, Scopelophila cataractae, Scorpidium scorpioides, Scorpidium turgescens, Scorpiurium circinatum, Seligeria, Seligeria acutifolia, Seligeria brevifolia, Seligeria calcarea, Seligeria calycina, Seligeria campylopoda, Seligeria carniolica, Seligeria diversifolia, Seligeria donniana, Seligeria oelandica, Seligeria patula, Seligeria pusilla, Seligeria recurvata, Seligeria trifaria, Seligeria trifaria s.l., Sematophyllum demissum, Sematophyllum micans, Sematophyllum substrumulosum, Southbya nigrella, Southbya tophacea, Sphaerocarpos, Sphaerocarpos michelii, Sphaerocarpos texanus, Sphagnum, Sphagnum affine, Sphagnum angustifolium, Sphagnum austinii, Sphagnum balticum, Sphagnum capillifolium, Sphagnum capillifolium subsp. capillifolium, Sphagnum capillifolium subsp. rubellum, Sphagnum compactum, Sphagnum contortum, Sphagnum cuspidatum, Sphagnum denticulatum, Sphagnum denticulatum sensu lato, Sphagnum fallax, Sphagnum fimbriatum, Sphagnum flexuosum, Sphagnum fuscum, Sphagnum girgensohnii, Sphagnum imbricatum sensu lato, Sphagnum inundatum, Sphagnum lindbergii, Sphagnum magellanicum, Sphagnum majus, Sphagnum molle, Sphagnum obtusum, Sphagnum palustre, Sphagnum palustre var. centrale, Sphagnum palustre var. palustre, Sphagnum papillosum, Sphagnum platyphyllum, Sphagnum pulchrum, Sphagnum quinquefarium, Sphagnum recurvum sensu lato, Sphagnum riparium, Sphagnum russowii, Sphagnum skyense, Sphagnum squarrosum, Sphagnum strictum, Sphagnum subnitens, Sphagnum subnitens var. ferrugineum, Sphagnum subnitens var. subnitens, Sphagnum subsecundum, Sphagnum subsecundum sensu lato, Sphagnum tenellum, Sphagnum teres, Sphagnum warnstorfii, Sphenolobopsis pearsonii, Splachnum ampullaceum, Splachnum sphaericum, Splachnum vasculosum, Stegonia latifolia, Straminergon stramineum, Syntrichia, Syntrichia amplexa, Syntrichia laevipila, Syntrichia latifolia, Syntrichia montana, Syntrichia norvegica, Syntrichia papillosa, Syntrichia princeps, Syntrichia ruraliformis, Syntrichia ruralis, Syntrichia ruralis sensu lato, Syntrichia virescens, Targionia hypophylla, Taxiphyllum wissgrillii, Tayloria lingulata, Tayloria tenuis, Telaranea longii, Telaranea murphyae, Telaranea nematodes, Tetralophozia, Tetralophozia setiformis, Tetraphis pellucida, Tetraplodon angustatus, Tetraplodon mnioides, Tetrodontium brownianum, Tetrodontium repandum, Thamnobryum alopecurum, Thamnobryum angustifolium, Thamnobryum cataractarum, Thamnobryum maderense, Thuidium, Thuidium assimile, Thuidium delicatulum, Thuidium recognitum, Thuidium tamariscinum, Timmia austriaca, Timmia megapolitana, Timmia norvegica, Tomentypnum nitens, Tortella, Tortella bambergeri, Tortella densa, Tortella flavovirens, Tortella fragilis, Tortella inclinata, Tortella inflexa, Tortella limosella, Tortella nitida, Tortella tortuosa, Tortula, Tortula atrovirens, Tortula canescens, Tortula cernua, Tortula cuneifolia, Tortula freibergii, Tortula inermis, Tortula lanceola, Tortula leucostoma, Tortula marginata, Tortula modica, Tortula muralis, Tortula protobryoides, Tortula schimperi, Tortula solmsii, Tortula subulata, Tortula truncata, Tortula vahliana, Tortula viridifolia, Tortula wilsonii, Trematodon ambiguus, Trichocolea tomentella, Trichostomum brachydontium, Trichostomum crispulum, Tritomaria exsecta, Tritomaria exsectiformis, Tritomaria polita, Tritomaria quinquedentata, Ulota, Ulota bruchii, Ulota calvescens, Ulota coarctata, Ulota crispa, Ulota crispa sensu lato, Ulota drummondii, Ulota hutchinsiae, Ulota phyllantha, Warnstorfia exannulata, Warnstorfia fluitans, Weissia, Weissia brachycarpa, Weissia brachycarpa or Weissia controversa, Weissia brachycarpa var. brachycarpa, Weissia brachycarpa var. obliqua, Weissia condensa, Weissia controversa, Weissia controversa var. controversa, Weissia controversa var. crispata, Weissia controversa var. densifolia, Weissia controversa var. wimmeriana, Weissia levieri, Weissia longifolia, Weissia longifolia var. angustifolia, Weissia longifolia var. longifolia, Weissia mittenii, Weissia multicapsularis, Weissia perssonii, Weissia rostellata, Weissia rutilans, Weissia squarrosa, Weissia sterilis, Zygodon, Zygodon conoideus, Zygodon conoideus var. conoideus, Zygodon conoideus var. lingulatus, Zygodon forsteri, Zygodon gracilis, Zygodon rupestris, Zygodon viridissimus, Zygodon viridissimus var. stirtonii, Zygodon viridissimus var. viridissimus


Quality control

The data were validated against known vice-county distributions of the species, and (for critical species) by expert examination of specimens.

Method Steps

  1. Mainly from record cards, which were typed up at the Biological Records Centre. More recent data (since 2000) have mostly been sent electronically. This is discussed in more detail in the Atlas of Bryophytes (2014), vol. 1, pp. 2-11.