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National Invasive Species Database


Dataset of Invasive species - initial compilation of aquatic invasive species

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Date range: Jan 1, 1863 - Jan 1, 3013

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Barry O'Neill
National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland National Biodiversity Data Centre, Beechfield House, Carriganore WIT West Campus, Waterford, Ireland Waterford County Waterford Ireland 00 353 51 306240
Metadata author
National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland Beechfield house, Carriganore WIT West Campus County Waterford Ireland +353 (0)51 306 240
Colette O' Flynn
Collated by the National Biodiversity Data Centre from different sources Beechfield House, Waterford Institute of Technology, West Campus, Carraiganore, Co. Waterford. (00353)51-306240


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National Biodiversity Data Centre

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Oct 10, 2014

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May 4, 2010

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The island of Ireland


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Taxonomic Coverage

Species Groups recorded: alga, amphibian, bird, bony fish (Actinopterygii), crustacean, fern, flatworm (Turbellaria), flowering plant, insect - beetle (Coleoptera), mollusc, parasitic roundworm (Nematoda), reptile, terrestrial mammal, tunicate (Urochordata).


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  1. Field observations