Eriophyoid Mites of Poland

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Eriophyoid Mites of Poland


The database is a result of a cooperation of Mariusz Lewandowski (Department of Applied Entomology, Warsaw Agricultural University) and Anna Skoracka (Department of Animal Taxonomy and Ecology, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan). It contains 342 species of eriophyoid mites recorded in Poland. The compilation includes all eriophyoid mites reported as published data from Poland till the end of 2005 . The classification system is followed by AMRINE et al. (2003). The taxonomical verification was made according to AMRINE 0_datasetdescriptiondetails STASNY (1994), AMRINE et al. (2003), DE LILLO 0_datasetdescriptiondetails AMRINE (2005). More information about species of eriophyoid mites set in database can be found in: Skoracka A., Lewandowski M., Boczek J. 2005. Catalogue of eriophyoid mites of Poland. Catalogus faunae Poloniae (N.S.), No. 1. Natura optima dux Foundation, Museum and Institute of Zoology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warszawa, 199 pp.

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