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EDIT - ATBI in Mercantour/Alpi Marittime (France/Italy)


The data provided have been collected under the scope of the European Distributed Institute of Taxonomy (EDIT), a network of more than 20 European, North American and Russian taxonomic institutions with support from the European Commission (Project no. 018340). As part of EDIT's activities to strengthen the input of taxonomy for biodiversity conservation, the Museum fuer Naturkunde Berlin (MfN) and the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart (SMNS), Germany, coordinates and supports the participation of taxonomic experts in "All Taxa and Biodiversity Inventory and Monitoring" (ATBI+M) projects at designated areas of conservation value. ATBI+M efforts are large-scale, longer-term field surveys to record, identify, and document the entire biodiversity of specific (conservation) areas, which will form the basis for subsequent monitoring biodiversity changes over time. All data presented here originate either directly from field surveys undertaken by many individual EDIT researchers and participants at designated ATBI+M sites or from published literature and other records referring to the same areas.

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