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BLS Lichen Database: England 1650-2016


A collation of the available lichen records for sites (excluding churches and graveyards) in England from 1650 to January 2017, for purposes of conservation, future monitoring and research. Habitat and substrate information is included where available.


To collate data on lichen distribution, changes over time, and the conservation value of particular sites

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Date range: Jan 1, 1690 - Feb 4, 2017

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British Lichen Society Royal Botanic Garden, 20A Inverleith Row EH3 5LR Edinburgh United Kingdom
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British Lichen Society Royal Botanic Garden, 20A Inverleith Row EH3 5LR Edinburgh United Kingdom
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Dr Janet Simkin


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British Lichen Society

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May 5, 2017

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Jan 16, 2012

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National Biodiversity Network

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NBN Atlas


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The dataset covers the whole of England, however surveys have been targeted on particular habitats and geographical areas at different times and the coverage of available records is not complete. The … more


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NBN Atlas Broadway Business Centre, 32a Stoney Street, Lace Market NG1 1LL Nottingham Nottinghamshire United Kingdom


Quality control

The dataset has been validated and verified by experts, and also checked using the NBN Record Cleaner. However, some errors of identification or location are bound to remain. Also, this dataset should not be regarded as having comprehensive geographic or taxonomic coverage. The absence of a record does not necessarily indicate absence of the lichen. Presence and absence data should be checked against original sources before use in contentious circumstances, and specialist advice sought where appropriate.

Method Steps

  1. The dataset has been compiled from field and herbarium records, and verified by specialist review.