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Commissioned surveys and staff surveys and reports for Scottish Wildlife Trust reserves - Verified data


This dataset comprises species recorded on Scottish Wildlife Trust reserves through individual surveys commissioned or undertaken by the Trust. Records in this dataset have undergone a level of verification, either using the rules provided by national recording schemes and societies available via the NBN Record Cleaner, or other experts, such as Vice County Recorders.


The records were originally collected to aid reserve management and so will be reserve focused and focus on species or habitats of interest locally.

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Date range: Oct 1, 1954 - Nov 1, 2016

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Scottish Wildlife Trust Harbourside House, 110 Commercial St EH6 6NF Edinburgh Midlothian
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Mahboobeh Shirkhorshidi


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Scottish Wildlife Trust

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May 5, 2017

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Oct 1, 2013

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The records will be restricted to Scottish Wildlife Trust reserves as this reflects the nature of the recording/surveying commissioned by the Trust. There may be biases in the data towards reserves w… more


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Quality control

Surveys have been undertaken on an ad-hoc basis where a particular need or gap in the knowledge of a reserve arose. The surveys included in this dataset have been professionally commissioned or completed through Scottish Wildlife Trust itself and so are assumed to be of a high standard. This data has been verified using the NBN Record Cleaner or other experts, such as Vice County Recorders. Much of this data has been digitised from paper records with a validation procedure in place and so should reflect the original records.

Method Steps

  1. As this is a collated dataset from multiple surveys (undertaken by professional surveyors or Scottish Wildlife Trust staff), data collection methods are listed in the survey level metadata.