European Moth Nights

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European Moth Nights


The main goal of the European Moth Night (EMN) events is to establish contacts between moth collectors in Europe, to create a geographically wide-ranging snapshot of moths flying in the same period, as well as to draw attention to moths in general, to their significant presence in nature and their current protection requirements. EMN data is collected by hundreds of volunteers and submitted through national coordinators to the central processing group at the Lepidopterological Society of Hungary and the Entomological Society of Luzern, Switzerland. Until now, there has been one event per year starting in 2004. Bioshare Data Repository hosts a copy of the EMN data with the sole purpose to feed it to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility network. Some data processing like extraction and transformation of coordinates has been done for that purpose. Access the data at GBIF using this URL:

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Oct 19, 2007

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